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I used to love my boyfriend until he cheated on me with my best friend .

This mail just came in from a reader who  seriously needs advice . this is her unedithed story.
"Good day to every one in the house. My name is maria, am a 23 year old graduate. Currently staying in the northern part of the country. I have been dating my boyfriend since I was in secondary school through my years in the university.
Am very close to my boyfriends family, as I often visits them and even helps out in some of the domestic work in the house. This singular act has gained me the love from my boyfriends family.
   I loved him to the extent that I have never even thought of cheating him let alone doing it.
My best friend Gloria has always told me she likes the way I and my boyfriend treats each other . and not like her own boyfriend that has multiple girlfriends. I sincerely felt pity for her and told her, one day she would find someone who will love and respect her like she truely deserves . this is close to four months since that discussion.
   Last week I received the shock of my life. I went to visit my boyfriend but was told he just went out, around the area to buy something. I waited upto 40mins and was feeling impatient and bored already. I wanted to keep my self busy and luckly for me his phone was in the room. Am not used to searching other peoples text messages but don't know what led me to do this. From the outbox I saw a text that read " tanx for last nyt u were great". I couldn't believe my eyes , as I tried calling the number I received another shocker it was my best friends number Gloria!!!
To cut the long story short. I investigated more and found out they had been having an affair behind my back for the past one month now.  I have reported this to his mother and every member of his family condemned his action. They have all pleaded for me to forgive him but Since then I have distanced my self, I find it very difficult to love my boyfriend again and to forgive my best friend despite all pleas I feel betrayed . please I ask for your honest advice and tnx for reading this.

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