“Once you attain 35 and counting, Men in this country calls you a dead engine.

       Nollywood diva, Monalisa Chinda, seems to be bitter concerning the issues of
marriage. According to her all men should be classified as ‘idiots’. The actress had engaged in the holy matrimony twice, and had her hands burnt in the process. During an exclusive interview in the may 2016 issue,  of Genevieve magazine she said:
              “Truthfully I had categorised all men as the same
                 useless idiots. I am happy that I feel diffrently now.
                 marriage is always a better option for any woman
                who is single in this country. forget 30, once you attain
                35, and counting, men in this country calls you a dead engine. “
maybe she is talking from her experience. but should all men be truly classified as idiots?


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