Breaking News: Another Boko Haram suspects arrested.

Vigilant 7 division Garrison. Was said to have arrested two suspected Boko Haram terrorists, The two suspects are The sects fuel suppliers and were found with two Golf Volkswagen vehicles with The registrations numbers Borno MAG-112XA and Borno AA739-KBG. The Booth Of The cars were discovered to be modified specially So it can take in more fuel. One of The tanks was found to contain 150liters while the other was empty.

The army head quarters strike group and armed forces continual operations to track down the boko haram terrorists yielded to this discovery. However they have destroyed some of the the terrorists remaining at izza and Njima general areas. While advancing further, fresh foot prints were found. They recovered 8 abandoned vehicles belonging to the sect and cleared all their hideouts and camps along the way at Bula Buba. Among the things discovered were also 1 hilux, 1 Canter Truck, 15 AK-47 rifle magazine, 3 Browning machine guns, tripod stand, and a 60 mm mortal links of 7.62mm and 20mm ammunition. The troops which comprises 212 task force battalion on friday, 6 of may intercepted 35 civilians among them where 6 men 7 women, 7 males minors and 15 minor females the claimed to be coming from Balaganje village. It was later discovered they were actually captives of the boko haram sects.
      Investigations are still going on.

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