Touch And Follow?: ‘I Don’t Know How I Got To Kano. Even Now, I Don’t Still Don’t Know How-Ese Speaks

A 14 year old girl by name, Ese Oruru was allegedly abducted from Bayelsa State to Kano. It was believed she never knew how her journey to Kano happened until she got to the area. She got alerted when she noticed the change in the enviroment and language of the people which sounded different to her. she said she was abducted by one Yunusa popularly known as Yellow. During the interview with her, she lamented how she had missed her mothers food so much, survived in the area and how she was forced to speak hausa.
        Below are the interview she granted……

How did you meet Yinusa?
We sell food in Bayelsa; so they, Yellow and his other people, used to come and buy food from us.
What does Yinusa do in Bayelsa?
He came to Bayelsa to look for money.
People say Inuwa is your boyfriend. Is this true?
No, he is not my boyfriend. Like I told you, we sell food in Bayelsa, and so, he used to come and buy food from us. He is not the only one; they are many and I used to play with all of them like my own brothers because they buy food from us. I sell food to them just like that.
Can you remember the day he took you from Bayelsa to Kano? How did it happen?
I don’t know.
Did he tell you that you were traveling to Kano?
No. We didn’t go with his Keke (tricycle). His keke, is at home.
Did he come to the house to carry you?
So, how did you travel to Kano?
I just followed him. I don’t know how I followed him.

People believe that you decided to run away with him because you love him and want to marry him at all cost.
I know that we used to play with all of them, our customers that come to buy food from our shop. There is nobody that is different. I sell food to all of them and I laugh with all of them.
So, how did you know you were in Kano since you didn’t know how you got there?
I saw that the place was different and the people there are people that I didn’t know. So, I knew it was his place because I did not know anybody there, but only him. We went to their house first.
So, what did you do?
I did not do anything.
What did you tell him?
I did not tell him anything.
So, you just started staying with him like that?
We travelled to Kura the next day with one man like that. He is the chief of the town. When we got there, they took me to one place and there they gave me hijab; they put it on me. And after that, they took me to one house in Kura. And from there on Monday, in the morning, we went back to the Emir’s Palace in Kano; then in the afternoon, we travelled back to Kura, to stay in the house.

What did you all go to do at the Emir’s Palace?
At the Emir’s Palace, they were asking him questions. They did not talk to me. They did not ask me anything, but they were asking him. Then they were speaking in Hausa language and I did not understand the language very well that time; so I didn’t understand what they were saying.
Was it at the Emir’s Palace that you first saw your mother?
Yes. I saw her, but I was not able to talk to her. I was just looking at her and she was crying. I just looked at her. I did not know her and I did not talk to her.
Did you recognise her as your mother?
I don’t know. I looked at her and she was crying.
But when you saw her on Tuesday at the Police Force Headquarters in Abuja, did you recognise her as your mother?
While you were away in Kano, they said you got married. Is this true?
Was there any marriage ceremony?
No, I did not get married to anybody.
But did they convert you to a Muslim?
How did that happen?
They took me to one place. Before they took me from the house to Kura, they put me in hijab, then we went to Kura.
All  the same, thank God she was eventually rescued. 

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