Reps Disappointed At SGF’s Attitude

      The secretary to the government of the federation Babachair lawal caused comotion  on tuesday as he failed to show up to clear him self  from the allegations levelled against him. The house of representatives had earlier on, sent him a letter inviting him to give an account of the role his office played in the N1 Trillion contract scam. The house of representatives represents the people and would like to investigate the case for the people as everyone is looking foward to hear what the said money was used for.
     Babachair sent a letter to the chairman of the  am hoc committee in the lower chember investigating the scam, probably the connect indicates  why he was not able to come. but notwithstanding, the chairman of the committee, johnson Agbonayinma described the letter as ” not palatable to the ear”
Johnson expresesd his disappointment towards the manner in which the secretary acted. in his words ” The SGF sent a letter this morning with some un_appreciatable comment, without even sending any representative. he is the secretary of the government and we are also  part of the government, he stated bitterly. the chairman insisted, that the SGF should give adequate account of the expenditure. 

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