Nigerian Refugee Who Claimed To Be Gay Jailed For Raping Woman In Ireland

A Nigerian who claimed to be a gay, was caught raping a lady in Irland. The ‘gay’ man kenneth Udeh met with the lady when she was on a night out. The said kenneth offered to give her a lift, and then raped her afterwards. he was still on the rape untiil a passer by drove him away. He pleasded guity at the central criminal court to the rape of the woman, in waterford city on september 14, 2014.

Mr justice patric mcCarthy sentenced him to 5 years impresonment . According to him the woman had been affected seriously because of the rape.
Udeh is an asylum seeker who had been in irland since 2009, he had been refused asylum twice. he is said to be appealing his position to the refugee Appeals Tribunal.

Garda catriona Savage said “The first time he appealed to asylum, he said he was a christain, coming from a Muslim country. The second time he claimed he was a homosexual coming from a Muslim country.

Narrating how the rape happened the woman said : in the early hours of the day, she was in a pub talking to a group of men, among them was Udeh. they were smoking, at a point she said good night to them and wanted to leave, Udeh immediately offered her a lift home. this she didn’t object to. probably because she never knew what awaited her on the way.

she said the next thing she could remember was being on the ground with Udeh on top of her and his trousers were down.! I shouted “stop it” “get off me ” but Udeh gave a deff ear to her pleas and continued with the rape untiil a passer by came to her rescue. which made Udeh to flee, the man a taxi driver chased him but didn’t get him. later on Udeh was tracked down to a hotel, were he was hiding.

According to her after the incident she now has a phobia for black men, she said she couldnt get into a taxi again if the driver is a black guy. I feel like commiting sucide, like I don’t  have anything to live for again, as Udeh took full advantage of me. She added in her statement, I feel he should’nt be allowed to stay in the country.

Defence counsel Mary Rose Gearty SC said that he had written a “short and genuine apology” to the woman. Gda Savage said that she didn’t think the victim would accept this.
Counsel said Udeh had been in custody since the offence and submitted that his time in prison would be more difficult for him due to his race and nationality.

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