‘I Carried The Microphone To Save The World’, D’Banj

        Nigerian pop star, dbanj, popularly known as the koko master made a great statement on CNN ” I carried the microphone to save the world’.. This sounds more like a preacher right? But our very own dbanj , made it clearer by saying he would have joined the millitary like his father, but as fate would have it he chosed to be a musician instead.
   This disclosure was made at the CNN African voice, during the conversation with keturah king of CNN, the koko master was heard saying ‘I was never in one place. I was always moving around with my dad from one barracks to the other. I loved the millitary, I wanted to save the world, I wanted to be the first black supper hero. but then instead of carrying the gun to save the world I carried the microphone. ”
       dbanj confessed  that the death of his brother made him discover his musical  priwees.  He has been in the music industry for over a decade now. and has this to say about the industry ” 10 years ago we had no music industry, but 10 years today every household has a musician ”  according to him you have to be daring enough  to stand out and endure the wind of time in the industry. 

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