Woman Arrested At New York Airport For Smuggling Half Pound Of Cocaine In Her Vajaja

Despite the prohibitions made here and there against drug smugglers.. Some hard hearted people has proved adamant to this law.
A 24 year old woman , Shekira Thompson had been arrested on drug charges.

Shekira Thompson, a U.S based citizen was reported to have been arrested after federal officials caught her with a half pound of cocaine. This was discovered to be hidden inside her honeymoon. That was a smart area she chosed, but the security officials out smarted her.

She was said to be traveling from Jamaica to New York before the arrest in the airport.
According to the US Customs and Border Protection, Shekira Thompson, a US citizen, arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens from Kingston, Jamaica, on February 21 and presented herself for a security inspection.

   The border agents had to walk her  to a private search room, there  she reportedly confessed to be in the possession of some foreign object inserted inside her, This was later tasted and confirmed to be cocain, said the federal officials.

The woman had been handed over to the Port Authority Police Department and charged with drug smuggling.

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