President Buhari Calls National Economic Summit – Top Official Reveals

The Harsh economic meltdown. which has been prevalent in the country.  Had It’s major toil on the poor masses.  The government at this juncture had no other choice than to fight this menace and if possible, eradicate it completely.

Nigerian president, Muhammad Buhari Had decided to take the bull by the horn by calling an emergency economic conference to look into the Nigerian economy and make a positive impact.

The economic conference was geared towards resolving the Harsh economic situations in the country .

It could be recalled that  last week , Professor Wole Soyinka, urged the president to convene an economic conference . when He said: “I agree with those who say the economy is bad. It is obvious and it is so bad. I think the Presidency should call an emergency economic conference where experts will be enlightened.

We really need an emergency economic conference, bringing experts together to march the nation forward. I think the economy is not encouraging. Quite frankly, I think most economists will agree with this.” We country is hoping to see a positive change after this conference. 

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